Corrective Exercise and Injury Prevention

Austin Corrective Exercise SpecialistLower back pain affects nearly 80 percent of all adults.  Musculoskeletal symptoms of knee, shoulder and foot / ankle pain are the number two reason individuals seek out physicians.

The changing work environment of professionals sitting at desks for hours on end have led to a society crippled by muscular imbalances which then lead to injury.   As we avoid pain in injured areas, we tend to shut down the supporting muscle and tendons to reduce range of motion.  An injured back changes our gait, our new gait causes knee pain… you get the idea.

While modern medicine has it’s place in pain management, surgical options, and physical therapy, we can offer you the ability to strive for more.  No magic wands, just education and hard work to support your recovery efforts.

If you are considering re-entering competitive athletics or rigourous training of any kind, you owe it to yourself to spend some time with a Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist.   Your insurance company will help pay to get you on the right track thru physical therapy.  We get you back running the track.