Austin Personal Training

Austin Personal Trainer Rusty Kutzer


STEP ONE: Fill out online questionnaires.

STEP TWO: Set up an initial (FREE) appointment to meet, discuss goals, and complete your fitness assessment.

STEP THREE: Begin your personalized fitness program designed specifically for you based on your goals.

STEP FOUR: Get results.

  • The questionnaires help us both realize exactly what it is that you need.  They will help us clarify what your goals are, and save us some time during the first meeting.  Filling them out ahead of time allows me to personalize your assessment to better fit your needs.
  • The initial appointment allows us to get to know one another, make sure we are both on the same page as far as understanding what it is that you want to accomplish, and complete the fitness assessment.  The assessment will be designed to push YOU to your limits and will include flexibility, strength, and cardiovascular ability.  I promise it’s not scary.  🙂
  • It will take me some time to process your results and turn them into a fitness program, but once that is done I would like to meet with you again to go over it and make sure you understand what it’s going to take to get you where you want to be.  At this time we can discuss options moving forward for us to work together to meet your fitness needs.
  • We re-assess in 6-8 weeks to ensure that you are getting your desired results in a reasonable amount of time.