Sports Specific Training and Performance Enhancement

Performance Enhancement and Sports Specific Training

Rusty Kutzer designs and coaches elite training programs for fitness and enhanced athletic performance in  high school, university, professional, and even the weekend warrior aspiring to improve at an accelerated pace.

Rusty offers:

  • Cutting-edge performance assessment techniques, sport-specific program design.
  • Scientifically-valid, evidence-based applications which achieve remarkable results with top professionals and weekend warriors alike.
  • Human movement science, postural considerations, the elements of an integrated performance profile and assessment, integrated program design, and nutrition.

In an increasingly competitive professional  and amateur environment,  athletes have to perform at increasingly higher levels and still avoid injury. To help them succeed, Rusty Kutzer designs highly individualized, integrated training programs that enrich training and enhance performance. Rusty holds the the NASM PES certification which is the highest-level advanced qualification in the industry.

Rusty strives to be the definitive solution to those seeking Austin sport specific training and Performance Enhancement in a personal training environment.